MY ROLE:  Design a poster exploring type forms and space using limited type and color choices. (Typography / MCAD)
  MY ROLE:  Lula Vintage clothing, in St. Paul, MN had planned to redesign the look of the store. The owner asked me to create new branding that would complement the new look but retain the original LULA logo with an updated color palette. The Floral pattern was chosen by the interior designer. I incorporated it into the new branding.
 Here are some early sketches for Lula.
  MY ROLE:  This poster was created for a new event happening in summer at the Germanic American Institue. They partnered with the Nordic House for a fun summer party.
  MY ROLE:  For this assignment, we were asked to find a local logo and redesign it using ideation methods. This shows the evolution part of the process. (MCAD ASSIGNMENT)
 MY ROLES: This assignment required that we choose an existing text and recreate it in digital form. My book was written in the 1890s. I used a combination of my own photos (the main image) and found images. (MCAD TYPOGRAPHY)
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